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The Econ Job Market® (EJM) system and its application and interview management component, AIMS, allow you to search and view job postings, apply for jobs, manage your applications, respond to requests for interviews, and manage the interviews you schedule. There is no charge to applicants to use any of EJM's or AIMS's services.

  • To use the system, you need to establish a (free) account. Once you have registered, you can create your basic job-market packet (contact information, curriculum vitae, job-market paper, etc.) by completing the candidate-profile form and uploading documents at EconJobMarket.
  • After completing the candidate-profile form, you can review job advertisements and manage applications using AIMS. EconJobMarket will transfer your browser to AIMS automatically for these functions, or you can log into AIMS initially using your EJM username and password. Applications are submitted electronically. No material needs to be sent by regular mail and no paper documents are needed.
  • Note that in AIMS, you can register for automatic email notifications of job postings that satisfy your search criteria, so that you won't have to worry about missing a job posting that interests you.
  • During the application process, you will be required to designate "references" (also called "recommenders") — that is, people who will securely submit letters of recommendation on your behalf. You can also select your references before submitting applications. Your references, or their staff representatives, will be asked to upload letters. The letters are kept confidential; they are not made available to you and are transmitted only to the authorized organizations to whom you apply. Your references will be able to control exactly where their letters are sent.
  • When designating references, supply their own official email addresses, not those of a staff person. Otherwise, the EJM system will not be able to identify your references. References can specify "proxies" — staff members whom they authorize to upload letters on their behalf — but you should specify the email address of the references, not the proxies. References also can register for automatic email notifications of pending reference requests. Otherwise, the EconJobMarket system does not bother them with repeated emails.
  • You can log into and whenever you wish to update your job-market packet, submit or revise applications, and monitor the status of your files.
  • When it comes time to schedule interviews, we encourage recruiters to use EJM's interview-management system contained in AIMS. You can use AIMS to manage all of your interviews, whether or not they are scheduled using AIMS. The system also can help you plan for appropriate travel time between hotels given their locations.
  • For more information about how EJM works, see the System Overview Page.

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