EJM System Overview

The Econ Job Market® system serves as a central electronic repository for job-market advertisements, application materials, and reference letters. EJM also provides tools for applicants to sort advertisements and manage their applications, and for recruiters to schedule interviews with applicants they select and to receive applicants' files. These tools are available at our main website econjobmarket.org, at the AIMS (application and interview management system) site at my.econjobmarket.org, and at EJM's back-end interface at backend.econjobmarket.org.

The EJM system is easy to use. Papers, reference letters, and other information need to be submitted only once, rather than separately to each organization to which a candidate applies. Here is a time line to describe how the system works:

  1. Recruiters register and post advertisements, which include specifications of the information and materials required of applicants. Recruiters are checked for authenticity before being allowed to post advertisements and receive applications. Concurrently, candidates register and upload basic biographical information, curricula vitae, papers, and other documents.
  2. Candidates apply for jobs using the links on econjobmarket.org or AIMS. References (or their staff representatives, called "proxies") upload their letters of recommendation. References can, if they wish, submit multiple letters for the same candidate and designate which letter goes to each specific organization to which a candidate applies.
  3. Recruiters decide how they would like to receive and process applications. Recruiters can review applications directly on the EJM web site or they can have the application materials automatically and securely transferred to any third-party review system (including their internal human-resource systems and commercially provided systems). For a summary of all of the options, see the information-for-recruiters page. EJM is committed to internalizing externalities by facilitating interoperability between the various application-processing systems that recruiters use.
  4. Recruiters obtain the electronic files of the candidates who apply to their advertisements. They also receive basic biographical information for the set of applicants, including government-required data. Recruiters conduct their evaluations of the candidates using their preferred applicant-review systems.
  5. Using AIMS, recruiters set up their calendar of interview slots (at one of the scholarly meetings or elsewhere). Recruiters can specify different types of slots for different fields of specialization and for multiple interview teams. Recruiters then select which candidates to interview and AIMS does the rest, automatically emailing the candidates and helping them self-select into the calendar slots.

Econ Job Market Inc. is a nonprofit charity (a 501c3 organization) with a mandate to charge only the level of fees needed to maintain and develop the system. Here is the current schedule of minimal required fees:

User Function Fee / Contribution
Candidate Establishing a user account Free.
Submitting applications Free. (Recruiters may specify fees separately.)
Reference Establishing a user account Free.
Submitting and managing letters Free.
Recruiter Establishing a user account Free.
Posting a minimal advertisement (displayed only to logged-in job candidates, use of AIMS for interview scheduling, no other data services) Free.
Posting a public advertisement (includes public display on EJM and partner sites, including CEA, VoxEU, and EJM Asia; all data services for application and letter transmission, AIMS) $200 for non-profit organizations, $500 for others, regardless of size and time period.
Posting a featured advertisement (in addition to the benefits of public ads, includes rotating prominent display on EJM's front page) $500 for non-profit organizations, $1000 for others, regardless of size and time period.

Candidates are encouraged to voluntarily contribute to EconJobMarket. We also welcome additional contributions from recruiters, above the minimum fees shown above.

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