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A main goal of Econ Job Market® is to reduce the demands on references and their staff by providing a platform for uploading and managing recommendation letters in one place, rather than having to send their letters to each recruiter separately. Efficiency is increased as more recruiters use the EJM system to collect reference letters and application materials.

EJM allows references (also called "recommenders") to specify "proxies" who are allowed to access the system on their behalf. The EJM system does not allow candidates or unauthorized parties to view recommendation letters.

Reference accounts are free. You can establish an account when the first reference letter from you is requested by an applicant. If letters from you were transmitted via EJM previously, then you probably already have a reference account (also called a "recommender account"). Your username is your email address. If you forget the password, please go to the password recovery page for references.

To log in as a reference, click here.

Once logged into the system, you can specify a proxy whom you authorize to manage letters on your behalf. Select only a person whom you can trust to manage letters. The following functions for managing letters are available to you and your staff proxy:

  • Upload and annotate multiple letters on individual candidates.
  • Active management of letters, if you want to confirm recipient organizations individually.
  • An auto-delivery option, if you want to upload a letter once and have it automatically transmitted to all of the recruiters to whom your candidate applies.
  • Ability to schedule periodic email notifications from EJM regarding reference requests and auto-delivery of letters.
  • Withdraw, deletion, and replacement of letters, in particular in the event that a previous letter needs to be revised.
  • Ability to refuse to serve as a reference for individual candidates.

Our Security / Verification Procedures page describes how we verify recommender identities.

For further information about how EJM works, see our System Overview Page.

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